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School Chaplaincy


​As parents we all want to do the best for our child, but most parents know that there are times in life where we have so much to do, so many battles of our own that we could use a little extra help. Maybe there has been bereavement in the family, maybe we are having difficulties with relationships, or maybe there has been a change in location with a loss of friends and family. Maybe our child is just having trouble fitting in and making friends or maybe nothing has changed, we are just having trouble understanding our child and their behaviour.

We often feel children are not aware of what is happening around them and in some situations we try to keep it that way. However, children very quickly detect changes to routine, changes in our priorities or the time we have available, or differences in our moods. Children are perceptive and when changes occur it affects them. At times like this some children need help to understand, to get things into perspective. They need someone to listen to them while they work out what it all means.

Ferny Grove State School has a Chaplaincy service for just these times. The Chaplain is a part of our supportive school environment and provides support to children, teachers and families.

The Chaplain is not a teacher, a counsellor or a therapist but simply a friend - someone who has the time to listen, to share in a child’s experiences and to help them make sensible decisions.

Unloading the burden enables children to focus more on their lessons, to relate better to others, to respond rather than react. It helps all children to fully participate in the wonderful learning experience of school.

In most cases, parents who have a concern about their child wish to speak to the Chaplain before/after a student visit.

Contact the Chaplain