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Ferny Grove Chickens


​In 2016 we welcomed Vivienne, Lolly Legs, Princess Layer, Dotti and Maple to our school. While these lovely ladies may look like ordinary chickens, they are indeed teachers in a feathered disguise.

Our Ferny Grove chickens teach our children so many things and every one of our school values is evident each and every day as you walk past our deluxe chicken coop. The children display respect by being gentle to living things and take on the responsibility in ensuring all of their needs are being met. Attitudes of compassion and empathy are evident every day in our chicken coop as they teach our children how to nurture and care for living things. They teach our children about the connectedness between plants, people, animals and the land.

Our chickens also help children overcome fear or anxiety of animals and teach our children about hygiene practices such as the importance of washing hands.
Children have a natural affinity with, and curiosity for living creatures. Providing meaningful ways for children to develop ongoing relationships with animals in a school setting can be a powerful experience. Our chickens are located right next to our community garden and enjoy yummy healthy scraps from our tuckshop on a daily basis.


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