The Ferny Grove State School education offers quality and variety.  From music to sport, computers, library resources, support materials and more, every option is challenging.

Our dedicated teaching and support staff share a determination to ensure our children experience something more exciting, challenging and progressive than a basic education. This is the difference between a good education and an outstanding education.

An integral part of maintaining the standard of education provided by Ferny Grove State School is the support of parents through time commitment and financial assistance.  While all of us are proud of our achievements that ensure all children at the school are supported and can develop life skills, it is important that we receive the commitment and support of the parents if all our children are to continue to enjoy this high standard while they attend Ferny Grove State School.  Without the support of parents over the years, many of the facilities we take for granted would not have eventuated.  Parents of past students have made sacrifices for today's students just as the parents of today's students must work for the current student enrolment as well as those that will follow.  A perfect example of this is our school hall and Outside School Hours Care facility.

Every year, countless hours are spent by mums and dads who helped in their own special ways, either in classrooms, sporting events, parent support groups, fundraising events and many other ways.  Their help is greatly appreciated, especially by the students, teaching and support staff and the Parents' and Citizens' Association.

One method of demonstrating support for your child's education is to become actively involved through the Parents' and Citizens' Association.  This will afford you the opportunity to “have your say" at the monthly meeting which is held at 7.00pm on the third Wednesday of each month.  The more ideas that are put forward, the better the outcome that will result, and the more we all lend a hand, the more sustainable our efforts will be.  All parents are encouraged to attend these meetings and express their views on matters raised.  Our meetings are a perfect opportunity for parents to find out what is happening in the school, to directly affect the outcome of decisions made at the school and to ask direct questions of the school administration and staff.  With your help, we can continue to provide our children with a quality, balanced education.  Please give serious consideration to attending the Parents' and Citizens' Association meetings.

For more information about our upcoming events and meetings, please contact the P&C office on 07 3550 5359 or

Welcome to Ferny Grove State School and we look forward to seeing you and hearing your views at our monthly meetings next year.

P&C Executive Committee

Last reviewed 23 February 2023
Last updated 23 February 2023